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Online Women's Sexual Abuse Recovery Videos Cost $30
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The Videos are centered around the following questions:

“Why dig around in my past?”

“What messages about being a woman did I receive from my parents?”

“What does it mean to be a woman?”

“What does it mean to think like a woman?”

“What are the effects of sexual abuse on a woman’s sexual identity?”

“Can You really remake me, Lord?”

“Can I ever go back to the innocence?”

“Is there a difference between how I see myself and how I project
myself to others?”

“How does my view of myself impact my relationship with others?”

“What are some of the common specific effects of sexual abuse?”

“Am I willing to change my perspective?”

“Why am I afraid to look behind the door?”

“How did my abuse change my heart?”

“What are the symptoms that I have shame in my life?”

“How have I coped with shame? Has it worked?”

“How do I get rid of my shame?”

“What are the physical effects of my abuse?”

“How do I get rid of my embedded guilt?”

“What are the normal stages of emotional maturity?”

“Is it possible to ‘grow up backwards’?”

“How do I deal with the intense self-hatred I feel?”

“What is my identity as a woman?”

“Do I need to deal with my attitudes about how God intended women to
compliment men?”

“How do I deal with my fear of intimacy or my fear of men?”

“How can I remove my warped perspective about men?”

“How do I deal with my anger towards God?”